Here is a suggested email template you can use to get budget approval:


I was thinking about how much we spend to reach new buyers, from travel to LinkedIn ads and outbound salespeople.

I propose we shift just a tiny portion of this budget to become a verified new supplier and get access to upcoming procurement projects at Unilever, Dollar General, and more.  All of these companies are no longer taking emails, phone calls, or meetings; they want everything done through their new supplier program called KYVI by SCOUTBEE.

We can register for free, but I believe a verified profile will increase trust and give us an advantage when there is a short-notice procurement project.
The cost is only $299 per month to have a verified profile with a growing list of buyer logos including Walmart, Unilever, and Dollar General. We can cancel that at any time. Compare that to the following:

  1. Trade show $10-$30k
  2. Business Trip: $1,309
  3. Linkedin Monthly Ad Spend: $1-3k
  4. BDR Monthly Salary: $8.5k

You have always told me how important it is to have a predictable sales pipeline, and I believe this information will give us the insight we need to deliver higher confidence sales growth projections.

Let me know if you are good with moving forward; I want to start immediately to have a strong 2024!